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General Overview

As a global citizen, RICOH® is highly recognized for environmental conservation. We incorporate our environmental responsibilities into group-wide efforts in environmental conservation activities, which we believe to be as significant as our business operations.

To achieve a sustainable society, it is necessary to limit environmental impact to a level that fits within the Earth's self-recovery capabilities. Therefore, Ricoh's sustainable environmental management focuses on four pillars: energy conservation, resource conservation and recycling, pollution prevention, and biodiversity conservation. The first three pillars aim to reduce environmental impact from our business activities, while the fourth pillar aims to improve the Earth's self-recovery capabilities.Read More...

Ricoh's commitment to environmental conservation was woven into the DNA of our manufacturing, logistics, product use and final disposal process since 1976. Through technological innovations and collaborative efforts with suppliers, Ricoh has made tremendous strides in energy conservation, global warming and pollution prevention, resource conservation and recycling. For example, based upon using our business activities of the year 2000 as a baseline, the goal is to reduce our energy environmental impact of CO2 emissions by 87.5% before the year 2050, with an interim goal of a 30% reduction by 2020.

We tackle this challenge holistically. Based on the life-cycle assessment of our imaging devices, over 75% of the environmental impact comes when devices are in use — from electricity and paper. This is where Ricoh's technology meets the challenge. Our design philosophy is “practical” environmental performance; to reduce our overall environmental impact without sacrificing business productivity. We achieve this goal through the use of transparent and seamless technology and software applications, while building a strong partnership with our customers.

EPEAT Registered products are for the United States only.

EPEAT Imaging Equipment Program

  • For more information about the EPEAT Imaging Equipment Program, please visit: www.epeat.net

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